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New Airbrush Make-up Dvd & Full Colour Book

Discover The Ultimate Secret Of Flawless Beauty

Whether you are an experienced professional make-up artist or are just starting out, FLAWLESS AIRBRUSH BEAUTY: The Programme will reveal to you the incredible air-applied cosmetic techniques that can revolutionise your work.
Designed to complement practical training programmes and presented by make-up artist John Woodbridge, the UK’s leading airbrush beauty expert, this exciting, easy-to-follow make-up education programme details how to use this incredibly versatile tool to create stunningly beautiful makeups - ranging from looks suitable for high definition television and film through to flawless fashion photographic finishes.
The 148 minute DVD also features comprehensive sessions showing how to care for the airbrush equipment. Topics in this section include setting up to begin work, how to establish a safe workingpressure for airbrush cosmetic application, troubleshooting and how to effectively clean the airbrush after work

Complementing the make-up artistry techniques featured on this DVD is a remarkable full colour book containing even more information, advice and tips on air-applied beauty, including a Resource Guide detailing supplier listings.

  • setting up the airbrush equipment
  • learning how the airbrush works
  • getting to grips with the airbrush - dexterity exercises
  • cleaning and maintaining the airbrush
  • health and safety and safer working practices
  • setting the correct pressure for airbrush cosmetics
  • mixing airbrush cosmetics for the perfect colour match
  • applying a flawless airbrush foundation
  • soft modelling the face: the art of highlight and shadow
  • flattering effects with light reflective cosmetic
  • classic beauty foundations
  • air-applied male grooming techniques
  • basic tatoo cover-up techniques
  • airbrush essentials
Master the essential skills relating to concealor techniques.


  • What type of concealors to use
  • When and how to use concealors

No matter what type of make-up artistry you do - whether film and television, photographic and catwalk or work with private clients, air-applied cosmetics can give your make-up a flawless finish in just a few minutes.
But many make-up artists feel uncertain where to find a reliable source of information to obtain clear advice and knowledge about working with airbrush cosmetics.
Before moving on to create the amazing make-ups featured on the DVD, airbrush expert John Woodbridge explains the basic knowledge and skills you need to know before getting started - how to confidently purchase airbrush equipment appropriate for cosmetic work and learn how to set up an airbrush kit.
Filmed with broadcast quality cameras and complemented by a full colour book, the DVD will also demonstrate how to hold and operate an airbrush to gain the precise control needed for air-applied cosmetic work.
Airbrush practice begins on paper, where John details the various airbrush strokes needed to apply basic airbrush cosmetics. Mastering these simple airbrush dexterity exercises will give you better control and confidence when working with an airbrush on the skin.

Flawless Foundation

Perfect beauty begins with a flawless foundation. During this in-depth demonstration, John Woodbridge explains the basic techniques needed for airbrush foundation application including how to correctly prepare the skin and mix foundations to create an accurate colour match. John also details safer working practises for airbrush cosmetics and takes you, step by step, through the creation of a perfect air-applied foundation. Containing essential airbrush make-up information, you’ll want to review this exciting demonstration again and again.

In this exciting airbrush session, join John Woodbridge as he details the techniques used for air-applied male grooming - from a straight corrective documentary make-up for on-screen presenters and interviewees through to key talent make-up suitable for leading actors. Discover how the natural and undetectable finish given by air-applied cosmetics is revolutionising male grooming not just for on-camera work but also for celebrities wishing to look their best when making personal appearances.

Discover the traditional techniques of facial contouring using subtle highlights and shadows to enhance the beauty of the face.
Unlike any other method of application, air-applied contouring gives a superb, professionally blended finish immediately on application due to the ultra-fine atomised coverage created via the airbrush.
Follow along with John as he demonstrates the specific airbrush application methods needed to apply perfect facial contouring. Learn how to choose the exact tones of contour colour needed and the correct placement to enhance the natural beauty of the face.


See the amazing camouflage techniques that can be used to cover blemishes and even tattoos in a remarkable bonus airbrush session in FLAWLESS AIRBRUSH BEAUTY: The Programme.

Light Reflective Airbrush Cosmetics

In this specialised airbrush make-up demonstration, see how to give an incredible soft focus and natural luminosity to the skin with the use of light reflective cosmetics.
In the era of classic Hollywood beauty, this ingenious technique was used by top studio make-up artists to create the amazing inner glow that seemed to naturally emanate from the skin of almost every glamourous motion picture star. Originally one of their most closely guarded beauty secrets, John Woodbridge takes this classic technique developed by the “old school” masters of make-up and thoroughly updates it for the 21st Century.
This extraordinary make-up session combines timeless beauty wisdom with ultramodern air-applied cosmetics to create a radiance that will enhance and flatter both young and more mature skins alike.
With the soft, light diffusing properties of these amazing cosmetics also being an ideal way to visually diminish many fine lines and much uneven skin texture - you’ll understand why this technique remained an “industry insider” trade secret for so many years.

The same light reflective cosmetics that create soft focus to flatter the face - can also be used to give a strong sheen to the skin as powerful high point highlighters.

Amazingly easy to apply and blend with an airbrush, these remarkable cosmetics can be used on both the face and body providing an instant, youthful, light-reflective effect.

John Woodbridge explains how to add this extra light reflective impact as he enhances a sensational beauty make-up using these incredible skin-illuminating cosmetics.

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