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Training Delegate Comments

Hereís what delegates are saying about John Woodbridge and the Woodbridge Productions Ltd. make-up artistry training programmes!

"I would highly recommend anyone that has an interest in make-up to attend any of Johnís seminars. They are informative, interesting and bang up to date. You certainly get your moneyís worth. John, himself, is very helpful and approachable at all times. A wonderful experience and one not to miss."
- David Hughes, Lecturer

"I have been to a number of Johnís seminars. They offer in-depth, interesting and comprehensive information in every area covered. As John and the other experts actively work in the industry, the tuition given is practical and up-to-date giving you the confidence to take what you have learnt from the make-up room and to put it into practise.
The working environment is relaxed and friendly but also fast paced, covering a lot of topics in a short space of time. Youíre welcome to ask questions at any time but by the time youíve covered the theory, looked through the course notes, watched and taken part in the practicals I doubt there will be much left to ask!
Whether youíve been working in make-up for a while or are just starting out, Johnís seminars are a fresh way to learn and are invaluable to everyone working in the world of make-up."
- Celia Strainge, Prop Maker

"After attending one of Johnís seminars, I thought it was most informative and enjoyed it very much. John is always very helpful and supportive. Johnís seminars are excellent and extremely enjoyable."
- Elaine Jones, Make-Up Artist

"Dear John,
Thank you for an informative lesson. You are a great teacher!
I left the course feeling empowered. I can honestly say that I donít think I can go back to conventional bases now that I have had the airbrush experience!
As I came out of the class I realised it was 8pm! Thank you for giving me the extra time.
Keep on teaching for you are truly great. I also learnt some make-up tips from you that I had not known in all the years I have been doing make-up!
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me."
- Kym Foster, Make-Up Artist

"I enjoyed the course. It was highly informative and has afforded me a sound basis for creating special effects."
- Betsan Dafydd

"I gained second place in the International Make-up Artist Trade Show Competition and as part of my prize I was awarded a Flawless Airbrush Beauty Masterclass with John Woodbridge.
Throughout the training day I learnt a variety of things from different types of airbrush machines and equipment to a variety of make-up to use and cleaning products.
I learnt a lot from this course and found that John was very helpful and down to earth. I was taught various techniques of application which enabled me to airbrush a lot easier and quicker.
I felt this was a valuable experience and has helped me further my career as a make-up artist."
- Kayleigh Louise Trapnell, Make-Up Student

"I love his courses. I have now done 6 or more. They are informative, fun and his course notes are excellent. I enjoy them and hope to continue doing them. They are excellent if you wish to refresh your skills as well as learning for the first time. I cannot recommend them enough."
- Christina Webster, Hair & Make-Up Artist / Designer

"About 4 years after discovering Woodbridge Productions and working as a freelance make-up designer and a programme manager at my local college, I am delighted to be able to congratulate John on the quality of both his courses and the working packages of information he provides during them. For me, John provides an excellent opportunity for me to update my skills and product knowledge and to meet old and new make-up colleagues."
- Julie Vincent, Freelance Make-Up Artist / Designer
& College Programme Manager

"Gelatine Prosthetics was a very full and informative workshop. John keeps you working hard for the full duration of the course!
- Morven Aikman, Course Leader HND Make-Up Artistry Lecturer

"Johnís courses are always jam packed with information, demonstrations and practice time. I booked onto the Airbrushing Techniques programme in April 2002 and found it invaluable. It was an enjoyable weekend which I look back on in years to come."
- Emma Watson, Make-Up Artist

"John Woodbridge seminars are a joy to attend. They are clear and concise and leave no stone unturned in their coverage of the subject matter. Since first attending one of Johnís seminars in 1997 I have continually strived to reach his level of knowledge and have found myself repeating some of his gems word for word as there can be no better way of conveying these ideas. John, I wish you well and hope to see you soon!"
- John Noble, Freelance Modelmaker

"I have attended a number of Woodbridge Seminars in the past three years. The training I have received has been, in one word, excellent. I have never been left feeling unsure about any areas, everything is thoroughly covered. The seminars are always great fun. I will continue to attend the seminars as long as John continues updating the programmes."
- Angie Harradine, Beauty Therapist & Make-Up Artist

"Masterclass Demo: Foam Gelatine Prosthetics - Informative and entertaining. Excellent"
- Margie Thompson, Lecturer, Theatrical & Media Make-Up

"The first time I met John Woodbridge was in Los Angeles in 1991.
Since then, I have taken two different special make-up effects courses and an airbrush make-up seminar in March 2002.
Woodbridge Productions has always presented education with high quality. John makes sure you really work during your course. Also he is always teaching the most advanced techniques in our make-up industry.
I will look forward to continuing Woodbridge education during my future."
- Zoe Burtzow, Make-Up Artist, Hairdresser, Wig Ventillator

"Although Iím not a make-up artist, Johnís seminars have given me the confidence to try techniques and materials new to me. His supportive approach to teaching allows him to build on the individual skills of those attending his seminars, whilst demanding a high degree of professionalism. Oh, and they are great fun!"
- Enid Strutt, Freelance Set and Costume Designer & Lecturer

"I have always found Johnís courses to be predominantly based in the practical sphere and are extremely informative without being patronising. By teaching by example and supplying all the materials needed, students can learn at the seminar and continue to practice when they leave. The seminars are never lacking in information, tips, safety practise or contact details for suppliers. These courses donít just enable you to start work, but they also keep you working and change with the technical advances in the industry, keeping you up to date and competitive."
- Clym Dodds, Technical Researcher

"Application and colouring prosthetics. I found the weekend seminar both fun and educational. I learnt loads and it gave me the confidence to apply and teach prosthetics to my students."
- Fiona Baker, College Lecturer

"I found the course very effective and intensive.
Models were available for our use during the entire course.
The models were make-up artists who wanted to be models during this course so they could see John working!!!
Personally, I think this is a compliment for all Johnís excellent work.
John made sure we understood everything both linguistically (as our mother tongue is not English) and practically.
He spoke very good English and his teaching was very thorough.
I am extremely satisfied with the [airbrush] course and would highly recommend this course to any make-up artist."
- Pirjo Ristola, Course Supervisor

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